Our Story


Welcome to Jammin Hammer! I’m Alyssa, a formally trained metalsmith and gemologist of over 25 years and mother of four amazing children. Over the years I’ve sold and exhibited my work in museum shops, craft shows and galleries around the country. I’ve worked in virtually every part of the industry from one-of-a-kind creations to mass produced lines of my own jewelry for department stores. After many years of selling my creations, something amazing happened that changed everything.


In 2015 my son Jordan (who was 12 at the time) was working on an ongoing community service project at his school. He decided to join me in the studio and started making bracelets and donating 100% of his profits to an organization focused on drilling water wells in South Sudan. He was an instant hit! He aspires to raise enough money to drill an entire water well by the time he graduates high school.  He is well on his way!


My son’s philanthropic ways inspired me to focus on raising money for others with my own jewelry.  Jammin Hammer Jewelry was born as a joint effort between Jordan and I to help others both locally and globally. The mission of our company is to give back while being creative and doing what we love. To date we have raised thousands of dollars for non-profits, families/individuals, as well as donated hundreds of handmade items to children’s hospitals and other organizations.


When I was growing up, we had a close friend of the family who was more like a grandfather to me. He was also a traditional, old fashioned third generation jeweler and the tools he used came from his grandfather who learned his skills at the Faberge company in Russia. Yes, THE Faberge. These are extraordinary tools that were handmade over a hundred years ago. I’m so very blessed and fortunate to have inherited those tools and I use them in my work every day. What I really love about these precious pieces, is that they allow me to get intricate detail in some of my one-of-kind pieces. I feel connected to the rich history behind these tools and I plan on handing them down to my son to carry on the tradition. 

When it comes to the jewelry we make, Jordan and I are passionate about creating items that celebrate the special relationships and milestones in life that will be treasured for years to come. Those moments you never forget—we love being a part of that!

We look forward to creating something special just for you!

Alyssa & Jordan