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A Foundation of Giving Back

Welcome to Jammmin Hammer Jewelry's Fundraising program. We are proud to give back by creating beautiful jewelry that can help raise money and awareness for your organization or cause. Together, we’ll work to create a fundraising campaign that addresses your needs and goals. It’s a fun process, easy to do, and for the cost of one bracelet ($19.99) you’ll be on your way. Share your story with us and let’s raise some money!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Send your story/details toJamminHammerJewelry@gmail.com.
  2. Together we’ll design the perfect piece for your fundraising efforts!
  3. Launch it and start raising money!

Stories Behind the Bracelets

Harwood Strong

"In early October of 2016, our community lost 5 teenagers in a horrific car crash, 4 of them from the junior class at Harwood Union High School, in Moretown, VT. The community quickly started a fund for the families called the Five Families Fund and the slogan 'Harwood Strong' became the slogan at Harwood as the students had to return to classes, sporting events, funerals and other gatherings. I have given Alyssa's bracelets as gifts in the past and am familiar with the high quality of her products. Knowing that she did fundraisers,  I asked her if we could do something that would raise money for the fund as well as honor the five children.  Alyssa quickly started producing 'Harwood Strong' bracelets with all five of the children's initials on them, once people from the community saw the bracelets the orders came flying in.  Over the next few weeks Alyssa worked tirelessly, fulfilling orders.  She made well over $2,000 dollars for the Five Family Fund in the first few weeks. She also made many other bracelets and ornaments for the families that will be treasured keepsakes.  I cherish my Harwood Strong bracelet as do many, many people in our community. Thank you so much Jammin Hammer Jewelry for making our fundraiser so successful.

Signed Katie from VT.


Adoption Made Possible

"My husband and I were in the process of adopting and the costs were outrageous. Jammin Hammer Jewelry made it so easy and possible to raise funds to defer some of our costs. We are forever grateful for the loving owners and their willingness to help out our cause. Without you, we would not have been able to bring our precious baby girl home forever. We are truly grateful for the easy process, wonderful communication, and absolutely stunning jewelry. These bracelets were so easy to sell, because they were perfect for everyone of all ages. Thank you again for blessing our family with this fundraising opportunity."

Signed Ashley from MS


Helping Sick Animals

"Amazing ! The original jewelry created by Jammin Hammer is of the highest quality and design. Alyssa puts her heart into every piece she creates. The styles are elegant and chic, and represent true artistry. Thank you, Jammin Hammer for all you do for the animals, and the beautiful art you create. Through Alyssa’s hard work, my Animal welfare organization has raised countless dollars in donations to help save the lives of sick animals.

Signed Dr. Michelle Hartman from the Sydney Fund